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Panama, Latin and Other Bookmarks
Everett F Batey II


  Gold Coast
CyberMedia Panamá
Travellers' Reports: Panama
La Prensa ..1995.
Centro de Información
Panama Page - Felipe Tribaldos
CyberMedia Hola
PANAMA WebLocus, A Barrera, MS
Focus on Panama
Panama at TAMU
Red Académica Panameña, PANNet


Internet Español
"Mundo Latino" - Pagina principal
La Página del Idioma Español
GalaVision-Ch.44 Oxnard
Intl Spanish Institute - Ensenada, Mx


Pat Chicas' Baja California, Mx Windows On The World: Mexico

Local and Community, Govt, Bookmarks


Oxnard S.Dist. Menu

The Weather Channel

@LA Calif. Lottery
California LottoPro
Cotdazr.Org (
Ev on Cotdazr.Org
Cotdazr.Org Firewall Suggestions

City, Oxnard, WIProg (lev)
City, Santa Monica
Govt Industry Technology Transfer
Navy Internet School
Navy, NFESC Port Hueneme Energy
Navy PHDNSWC-Ev home Page
Oxnard SD -Ev Page
Public Sect. Internet School

Security Clearinghouse, NIST
Security: Protecting WWW Docs
US Federal Elect
VCNet IAVC Vta County
Vta Company Directory
Ventura County Reg Clrghse
Ventura -Vecda

COML Computer & OS - Vendors


Apache HTTP Server Project


Apple Introductions
MAC Internet Software & Services
Macworld Online
Macintosh WWW Resource Directory


Frequently Asked Questions for FreeBSD 2.X
Newsgroup: comp.unix.bsd.freebsd.announce
Newsgroup: comp.unix.bsd.freebsd.misc
InfoSeek Search Results: xfree86
Joerg Wunsch


BSDI - Welcome to Berkeley Software Design, Inc.
BSDi page view

Sun Micro Sys

Infoseek : used sun hardware
1262 FlashBack April 1995
Solaris 2 Frequently Asked Questions
Solaris 2.5 Software for x86
Solaris 2.5 Freeware
Index of /pub/unix/x86solaris/
SAMBA Web Pages

Ret & Whsl Misc Vendors - Parts / Sys

Components Direct - memory, hard drives, notebook peripherals, and external enclosures for the best prices!
Ericsson - the world leading supplier in telecommunications
Excite Reviews: Disk Drives & Memory
Systems 4 Less!

Education ...

OSD Web Home
VCSS: Home Page
Math/Comp Sci (
K12 Internet Resources
NMNet Home Page
ROP UTP, Menu del Serv. de Info
Web 66: Cookbook

HTML Src / Edit

Hoohoo HTTPd Docs
Frame Basics
Frames -An Introduction
HTML Access Counter 4.0
UIUC HyperNews Home
WebTools . Org (Counter_4)
Apache directives

Net Wk

Netscape at Home

Search and Search Engines

Customize Your Lycos Search
Infoseek Guide
InfoSeek Net Search
InfoSeek Net Search Results: html editor

Helpful Misc Info

more Meta Pages

Tales of California

New Misc - 1997

Blue Cross and Blue Shield
California Camping and RV Homepage
Digital Arts and Magic
Trovan - Electronic Identification Systems - Home Page
ht://Dig -- Internet search engine software
KPFK 90.7fm - Los Angeles Pacifica Radio
Price Watch(tm) - Street Price Search Engine

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